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Rough Draft

Rough Draft

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Introducing Rough Draft

The imaginative storyboard generator game perfect for storytellers of all kinds! Designed for 3-5 players and suitable for ages 10 and up, Rough Draft offers around 45 minutes of collaborative yet competitive fun.

In this game, players join forces as a film crew to create a 3-act masterpiece one scene at a time, while also competing to make their secret inspirations shine. Each round consists of two phases: the Draft Phase and the Voting Phase. During the Draft Phase, players contribute to the evolving screenplay, while the Voting Phase lets them strategically decide which acts deserve the spotlight.

Work together, or vie for the best scenes, to weave a one-of-a-kind story! Rough Draft not only provides a platform for endless creativity but also fosters teamwork, strategy, and critical thinking as players carefully choose their favorite acts.

For those craving a quicker pace, a fast-play variant is included to keep the creative juices flowing and the competition fierce.

Embrace your inner screenwriter and embark on a cinematic adventure with "Rough Draft", where every story is the next blockbuster




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