Thematic games filled with flavor.

We're a small team in Fresno that are applies our passion and talent to make unique board games.

Future titles include a replayable escape room, rootkin brawling in the afterlife, and more new ways for players to tell their stories.

  • Calvin Kammer: Game Designer

    Calvin is the glue behind the operation. Does that sound cool? I'm the one writing this so it certainly should sound cool, but has glue ever sounded cool? I'm at a loss as to what I should put for myself without sounding conceited...

  • Kiara Hill: Art Director

    The behind the scenes talent! Kiara's eye for design helps make each of our games feel unique and fun. She has a profound fondness for rougelikes and deckbuilders, certain to play an influence in upcoming games! When she isn't working on board games, she is busy running Next-Gen Escape in Fresno, CA!

  • Valentino DiCerto: Game Designer

    Valentino is our resident mathematician. He combines his engineering background with love for games to create something brand new to the world. Having an appetite for a variety of games, he adores games of both light and heavy complexity.

Our Favorites

Our Favorite Games To Show New Players

Calvin) Escape the Dark Castle

Kiara) Quacks of Quedlinberg

Valentino) Rampage

Our Favorite Games To Bust Out At A Party

Calvin) Scriptless (that's a little biased)

Kiara) Betrayal at Baldur's Gate

Valentino) Just One

Our Favorite Games To Return To The Table

Calvin) The King's Dilemma

Kiara) Wingspan

Valentino) Red Cathedral