Status: Games Inbound!

Back at it with another happy update!

We're kicking off 2023 in a big way- our first order for our first game has been placed for 1,000 units, and the boxes will be made shortly! 

We still think a late February/ early March timeline is realistic.

Once we have received the order it will be available for purchase!

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Certainly an exciting time for us!


Rough Draft is also being printed now!

Our second game is getting a second test print to allow for the comprehensive rule sheet, and to include a "story mode" variant that testers requested. 

Of the 20 copies we are receiving, we hope to demo them at conventions and send them to reviewers so we have somewhat of a reputation before launching our Kickstarter.


Rough Draft will be our first Kickstarter!


We're hoping to launch the Kickstarter soon; once we hear that reviews have been posted (and assuming there isn't something glaring that made it past all of our playtests) and we have garnered something of a marketing campaign, we will be setting it for launch.


I am currently working on two games significantly connected to each other, once I ratify some art there will be more details.


The team together is next working on a business-centric game, more on that soon!

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