Meet the Griffin Dream Team!

Meet the Griffin Dream Team!

Written by: Calvin Kammer


It’s not all the time that you get you work with extremely talented and passionate people.

There’s even fewer times when you can appreciate it as it’s happening!

I thought I’d write today about the people behind Griffin Games Studio. I like being transparent, and I always think it’s cool when you can learn more about the people that make that games you like.

Calvin (hey, that’s me!) Kammer: Game Designer

I own Next-Gen Escape in Fresno with Kiara and we are in the process of opening this game studio and a local game store.

Games have been a constant in my life; as a constant way to have fun, destress, connect with friends and family. As I’ve grown older and more confident with my experience I’ve used my passion to build a career of producing games. I’m so excited to share with the world what the four of us are going to make, and have made!

Theming is a huge element for me, and it’s what’s most required for me to get excited about any game. Theming can be delivered in a variety of ways, whether it’s adding story elements to escape rooms, or adding escape room elements to date night subscription boxes, you can take an idea far.

I’m never too shy for an audience, which has bitten me on the ass a few times, but for the most part I do well in the spotlight. I bring this up not to brag about any sort of talent, but because I think it is truly a unique differentiator as a game designer to be able to talk in front of an audience. In my experience, most people suck at people speaking because they get too focused on how much it sucks. Before I have to speak I have to take a pee, every single time. 

Kiara “Kia” Hill: Art Director

Kiara is an incredible partner and has a variety of gaming elements that interest her. Roguelikes are her favorite type of game, though simulations and strategy games have a special place in her heart. (Or so I’ve heard). Also I should mention that nearly all of the games we have in our collection that are cute are most definitely because of here. We ended up with a copy of Happy Pigs because “the lil piggies just look too cute”. She is a skilled artist, and has a good eye for design! Where I can think up of the idea, she is the one that knows how to make it become reality.

Valentino “Gianni” DiCerto: Game Designer

Valentino likes to take things from an “engineering perspective”. Whatever that means. He is the longest-playing Magic: the Gathering players I know, and extensively playing Commander. He has an appetite for a variety of games, and adores games of both light and heavy complexity. It’s of his opinion that every type of game has a right place and time! Valentino is also our resident solitaire games player. I’m looking forward to hearing more about his thoughts on single player board games!

Tyler Turk: Producer

Tyler has made more games and had them be played more people than a really big number. He found a niche he is super interested in, and has put more sweat into his work than anyone I know. I first met Tyler when I was going to Fresno State for my bachelors. At the time his datenight subscription business, Crated with Love, had just been started a few before and was starting to take off. Tyler was always willing to talk to aspiring student entrepreneurs and gave me numerous helpful business advice while my escape room was first starting out. With Tyler’s experience with producing games we can ensure our games arrive on time, at the right place, and all in one piece. 


Thanks for reading! If you found this to be engaging please engage in the conversation by commenting or sharing this post. I'm always open to feedback, and am looking forward to continuing expanding on Blurbs from the Bloated Toad. -Calvin

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