Making a logo for the next game

Making a logo for the next game

We finally have a logo (and the final component needed) for the next game!

Tales from the Bloated Toad logo

This was the most challenging part of making this game actually, as I don’t view myself as that strong of a logo designer. Kiara lent her talent with making the toad, and from there the whole piece started to come together. After about 8 different iterations we finally have the logo we see in this blog. 

For the logo I wanted a sign that you would see in the game world, mixed with a bold scroll displayed across the top. The “Tales From” uses the Thunder Kingdom font, and the sign font is Heavyweight. I’m a big fan of Inscryption, this font is also used in my escape room.

Now the game is off to the printers for a prototype two-pack. I order two since the shipping cost isn’t much more, and it happens to be a good deal with our factory. Ordering two makes it easier to tell is any slight variation/defect between copies.

For larger games it would make sense to order up to a full case of 12-18 prototype copies. This allows for wider quality control with the prototypes and gives us plenty to send out to reviewers and retailers.

 It usually takes two weeks for it to arrive from our manufacturer. When it arrives I can see its quality, take some promo shots of it in the lightbox, and see if there is any interest in the game from retailers.

I have a hunch this will be a hit among stores popular with RPG players. If this proves to be the case, I’ll be ordering as many as I think we can sell. Assuming that there is at least some interest I’ll be ordering 500 copies. We normally order 1000 at a time since it is cost-effective with the tuck-box games, but this will be our most expensive production to date and as such I want to be better with how we spend money. It’s still more cost-effective to order 1000 at a time but that’s now a lot of money caught on inventory alone. If it looks like retailers would order more than 500, I think the safest bet would be an order of 1500. I did the math, and as long as we sell 501 copies we will have broken even on all of our costs on the game. That’s assuming we sell through the 500 and then order 1000 more. The remaining 999 would be purchased from the funds generated by the first 500. A cool milestone to hit, regardless of the initial order size.

With this game complete there are now two board games set in the Last Era. The next game is a strategic-duel between rootkin, I’m sure there will be more to talk about soon.

After Raging Rootkin is getting wrapped the studio will most likely need to decide on what projects we tackle next. There are a number of smaller-weight games that we could probably knock out, but I am really interested on expanding this would we are creating. 

For the rats there is a strategic game of subterfuge, politics, and war that I haven’t seen before (could be a very bad thing, people don’t typically buy things that they haven’t seen before). There’s also Molemen Mayhem which was an arcadey combo brawler which we think we are instead going to make Ratten themed.

The one in particular that I am most excited about is the RPG. I’m now considered an old-school Warhammer player and I think there is a fun way to marry strategic elements within a new ttRPG system. 

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