Griffin Games Status: Printing Now!

Griffin Games Status: Printing Now!

Calvin here,  

I’m happy to share we are now in the process of printing our first retail copies of our first game, Scriptless!

It’s a game that I developed on my own to help give us the runway needed to build up to the other projects we have in the works! I’ve had a blast making and playing Scriptless , and I’m sure the natural-born actor in you will love playing it too.

Our playtesters have all found beautifully chaotic ways to play the game; it’s a sight to behold. As the game creator it makes me happy knowing that it’s already bringing people together!

Scriptless is ready to print, I expect delivery to start sometime in late March 2023.

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Rough Draft is a game we are thoroughly excited to produce. Storytelling in games has always been something that’s fascinated us as a game group, and it’s no wonder that our first games both revolve around telling stories!

As far as Rough Draft’s progress goes, it’s in a similar state to Scriptless: ready to print!

However, I think that Rough Draft might be a great fit for a Kickstarter campaign. It’s a fresh blend of drafting mechanics, tense voting, and incredibly fun storytelling that makes us keep coming back to play.


Though Rough Draft is ready to print, we may be putting it on Kickstarter.

I'll need to see how Scriptless goes before making a final decision. One of these days it will surely spawn a screenplay that actually moves on to be successful! (A wild fantasy, to be sure. But one can hope.)

Since Rough Draft needs some more assets and details finalized for the Kickstarter campaign, it may take until summer before it goes live. I don’t see how it will take that long, but with launching Scriptless, I wanted to leave room for error!

I’m in the process of creating the How to Play video for Rough Draft, and from there can pull assets to use in the Kickstarter campaign. Currently we don’t have any followers, which will make the campaign (possibly) considerably more difficult to pull off successfully. I don’t exactly know how difficult it will be, until we pull the trigger.

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Thanks for stopping by! Hope you got what ye came for. 

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