Blurbs from the Bloated Toad: I'll help you make your first game.

Blurbs from the Bloated Toad: I'll help you make your first game.

The point of this blog is to document the various activities I find useful or interesting when it comes to making games.

If it’s your first time making a game, I hope you find my thoughts helpful.

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade making escape rooms, and I’m using that experience and applying it to a favorite field of mine: board games.

I launched my own escape room 6 months before no one was able to play escape games anymore. Thanks 2020.

We were closed for over twice as long as we had been open and used that time to get sharp and make games as cost-effective as possible.

In this blog I’ll talk about the MVP process and how we create a game from start to finish.

And all the processes that follow that.

While we start out and make a name for ourselves I hope that owning a Griffin Game is a source of pride and joy, and so that Griffin Gams inspire others to make games.

I want to do this so we can make gaming possible everywhere, and have it be quality.

So far I’ve learned that there are a ton of game makers out there with a million fun ideas for games, yet they lack the tools, resources, or knowledge to pursue their dreams.

Thankfully I have a business background, and I love talking about board games.

I hope we get along great! I hope this helps you in the process while you create your game.

Whether your game is about strategy, social deduction, or even if it’s a game about making games, there’s going to be bountiful information for you to dive into.

This blog will be continually updated as we launch more games and we get a feel for how the business operates.

This blog will be messy, just as life is.

If there’s any special request for topics, or if you have a question in particular please comment or message me.

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