Last Era Devlog 9: The Ratten Clans

Last Era Devlog 9: The Ratten Clans

A civil war is underfoot... Four clans from the Council of Ratten clash as they struggle and vie for the ultimate prize- Diamondhood. Raise your rat legions to fight against your foes, using cunning plans to outsmart, overcome, and overwhelm your rivals. Be the last Clan remaining to claim ultimate victory!

Which clan will you choose?



We shine over all

Diamonds comprise the aristocratic elite of the Ratten. They are unique, in that no one is born into their clan. Every Diamond Ratten has earned, or rather cheated and cleaved themselves into the clan.


It is little wonder why they are the most despised by their kin. They are cruel tyrants that wish to keep the status quo of the Ratten Undercity to their standards.



Faith guides thy flame

The Skulls have climbed their way towards the top of the Ratten hierarchy through enlightened measures. By flame and blade, they aggressively scour the Undercity in search of answers to their myriad and oftentimes paranoid beliefs.


The religious flames seek to rule over the other clans in order to be closer to their prophesized Overrat, and bring the Ratten to the surface-world.



Feed the swarm 

The Hearts Clan is swelled by the endless masses, often enacting their wicked designs by brute force. Originally founded during a food shortage, their radical approach to calorie recycling saved the Undercity from famine.


If it were not for the blood that this clan had spilled, the Undercity would be without a labor force. Now, they seek the blood of their rivals and to gnaw on their marrow.



Wisdom in cunning

The once-fabled spell casters of the Tails Clan are slowly fading into obscurity. Through numerous generations of setbacks and backstabs they are at risk of losing a seat on the Council.


Now, newly uncovered Tomes of Lore has lead them to the dark art of Necromancy. They seek to use their unholy manners to ensure their legacy in the Undercity continues...


Spades and Clubs

Foreign mercenary legions famous for the original tunneling and conquest of the Ratten Undercity. With no place on the Council, their numbers swell the streets with little Clan direction or cohesion.

Long has it been since either Clan knew proper organization. Now they are little better than the feral ratlings that wonder the understreets. Being the most calorically incentized clans, they are willing to die by the swarms for a scrap of food.


The Ratten Ranks

Countless generations of vermin have toiled under the cruel regime of the Diamonds Clan and their hold over the Ratten Council. Now, through the intervention of the winds of change, the Hearts Clan has seized the opportunity to revolt, spiraling a civil war that would reach the far corners of the vast Undercity. Flushed out of their dens, the Hearts move to clash with their ruthless overlords in open combat. Diamonds prefer to choose their fights, leveraging any advantages they can muster. The Hearts muster the masses that heed the call for revolution.


The winds of change even reached the quarreling clans of the Skulls and Tails. Forever locked in a bloody grudge match, two sides of the same coin. Both are willing to sacrifice their clanrats by the hordes if that means securing their positions on the Council. Skulls press their advantage by striking quickly, gaining control by any means necessary, and pray for a quick blessings from the prophesized Overrat. Tails, acclimated to surviving off the scraps of others, gather the dead and discarded to commit dark dealings to gather their strength.


Hearing the promise of Glintstone and food, The shattered mercenary clans of the Spades and Clubs eagerly join the fray. The once honored Spades use their keen knowledge of the Undercity to defend their benefactors. The vicious Clubs strike directly, believing that raw aggression is often enough to complete any contract. Forgoing any chance of Diamondhood, these forsaken Ratten have everything to gain by allying with the mightiest clan.


The war for the Undercity swells in severity for all verminkind.

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